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Rather than a list of publications (which you can have if you like), I’ll use this space to talk about two sequences of books about virtual worlds that I’m working on, or are connected with. The first of these is with two colleagues, Anna Peachey (now Anna Childs – how’s that for a spin-off project?) and Greg Withnail, and explore a range of different types of learning in virtual worlds. I’m not involved in the first book of the three, but am with the follow-ups to it, and they form an interesting collection altogether.

The second is with various co-authors and editors, and reflect the three main areas of the subject of my PhD, which were the experiences of identity, space and embodiment that they support. I’ll post links to these too as they’re published.

The Learning in Virtual Worlds Sequence

There’s still a lot of exploration going on in education in virtual worlds and there are some excellent conferences bringing that experience together and they also produce books based on papers from them.

Researching Learning in Virtual Worlds

This is a collection of expanded papers from the first ReLIVE conference in 2008. It’s edited by Anna Peachey, Julia Gillen, Dan Livingstone and Sarah Smith-Robbins and published by Springer.


Understanding Learning in Virtual Worlds

This is a collection of expanded papers from the second ReLIVE conference in 2011. It’s edited by Anna Peachey and me and published by Springer, and is intended as a companion volume to the first book.


Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds

This is a collection of expanded papers from the first Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds Conference in Prague 2011. It’s edited by Greg Withnail and me.


The Identity-Space-Body Trilogy

Identity, Space and Embodiment are the three key elements of our experience in virtual worlds. I’ve got an extended plan to publish something on each of these three areas. The book on space is  done and will be published shortly. I’m now planning the one on embodiment.

Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds

This is a collection of essays about identity, and how these ideas are explored through participation in virtual worlds. It’s edited by Anna Peachey and me and published by Springer. It’s also Springer’s second highest seller in the field of Human Computer Interaction.


Making Sense of Space: The Design and Experience of Virtual Spaces as a Tool for Communication

My friend Iryna Kuksa asked me to help with her book about virtual spaces; she wrote the section on design, I wrote the section on experience, and we collaborated on the introduction and conclusion. There’s also a couple of chapters which are by a collection of academics.




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