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Still trying to upload my presentation

OK problems with tech 1) Firefox had remembered the wrong account details. I have two Slideshare accounts, the reason being that I’ve previously had the same problem logging into Slideshare. My email and password combination that I had stored (and written down) didn’t work, and I couldn’t retrieve my password because the “request reset” didn’t work. So both Firefox and Slideshare had screwed up. The interesting thing was that as soon as I set up my second account, Slideshare recommended the first me as someone the second me should follow as he had the same interests as me. So that worked. Now I’m logged in though, I can’t upload my presentation because Slideshare can’t see the file when I browse the directory it’s in. <shakes fist> damn you technology. <Update> One mystery solved. The resets finally came through this morning – so it was my email playing sillybuggers not Slideshare, so I can now access my original Slideshare account. At some point I should merge the two accounts I suppose.


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